McGill Mouse Traps
This is a mouse trap that every collector has but probably doesn't realize
all of the variations in the trap.  I have been told that there are
around a dozen variations on the marking and other small
details on these traps.  Here are a couple of them.

I have a set of traps new in the plastic bag but I haven't seen them in a cardboard
display box like this before, neat stuff!!

These two traps I just picked up recently, the one on the left is the trap that really caught
my attention.  I have seen perhaps 70 of these traps at various times but I have
never seen one with a paper label on it.  I just wish it was in a bit better condition.

If you really want to get technical, I can pick out 4 variations on this trap in my collection.  I have the paper
label on one, one is marked "AllSteal" Mcgill mfg with the patent dates on the bottom, the other is marked
the same with the patent dates under the trigger, and the last is marked "McGill Trap, patent pending".
I will try to put some better pictures in of the marking at a later date.

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