Cyclone Mouse Traps

Patented November 6th, 1883

Another one of the many John Morris designed mouse traps. The Cyclone traps were apparently popolar with

field biologists for their small and compact size. John Morris is better known for his Delusion mouse traps, but

he is also credited with designing the 15th Amendment, Ideal, and Scooper traps as well.

The original box which held 1/4 gross retains its original paper label. The display card is the most colorful and

creative piece of mouse trap related art work I have seen. Combine these with the original instruction sheet and

we have a nice set of mouse trap history.

The Cyclone mouse traps were patented Nov. 6, 1883 and are stamped
as such.  I obtained mine from a very generous person free of charge
in exchange for some information on the inventor.
Photo from a journal which will remane nameless for the protection
of the owner of the photo.

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