Cortland Trap Company

Cortland, New York

Manufacturers of Cortland and Dwight Traps

WANTED: Any size Cortland and Dwight Traps

Rick Cicciarelli
407 Spring Street
Groton, N.Y. 13073

Early on when I started collecting antique animal traps, I had a strong interest in a few particular trap companies that were located in

upstate New York near where I grew up. The Cortland Trap Company was originally located just up the road from where I grew up, so

naturally I was immediately interested in finding out as much as I could about the company. Below are a number of pictures of traps that

were offered by the Cortland Trap Company.

Dwight traps, which were also produced by the Cortland Trap Company, were unique in that they didn't have a cross piece on the base,

and they had an unusual projection coming off of the underside of one of the jaws, which was used in setting the trap.


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