This website is for people interested in the history of some of the equipment used for trap and skeet shooting. Shooting competitions gained popularity with the wild west shows of the late 1800's. Practice shooting with live pigeons had been around since the 18th century. The use of live pigeons declined in the late 1800's with the increasing costs of obtaining live pigeons and the inconsistencies between targets in competition shoots. Various types of inanimate flying targets began to hit the market in the 1870's, some with more success than others. The first really successful wave of flying targets to gain popularity were the glass target balls. By the mid 1880's the glass balls began to be replaced with clay pigeons very similar to what we use today. Along the way there were several other ideas that came to the market, but none really took off like the glass balls and the later clay pigeons.

The real focus of this site, and the aspect of the equipment that is of most interest to me personally, are the 'traps' that tossed the various targets. Just as there were many different target designs, there were also many different designs for the machines to propel these targets. I collect these early target throwers and I've constructed this page to share with others the many different early designs of target throwers, but I've also constructed it as a want list. Most of the items highlighted by these pages are items that I don't currently own and am in search of for my collection. If you have anything on these pages that you are willing to part with I would certainly appreciate you contacting me. I am willing to pay top dollar for items I am looking for.

Thank you for visiting and stop back soon!

~ Rick Cicciarelli




An 1883 illustration from an English newspaper showing Ligowsky traps and clay pigeons in use.